COVID 19 : Effective Employee Engagement initiatives for Work From Home

By BEST OF HR Forum |
Thursday, 9 April, 2020

1) Educate to show that you care :

Reveal all the real facts on COVID-19 through webinars with doctors, recurrent announcements through notifications and digital activities that can be accessed consistently on mobile.

2) Share success stories :

Research and share inspiring stories, case studies of people around the world coming together to battle this pandemic collaboratively.

3) Listen to their Voice :

A medium like a private company RADIO can be interactive and help listen to the concerns of employees, make announcements on relevant topics have song dedications and contests to lighten the mood.

4) Mobile games and E-learning :

Chart a plan for each employee’s learning and development through e-learning courses and gamification that help them upskill, have refresher training or simply interact with colleagues to unwind.

5) Living the values :

This is a great time to reinforce company values that bring employees together, reiterate the need to live them at this critical time and stay together through this battle.

6) Wellness engagements :

Motivate employees to spend time on their emotional, mental and physical wellness by spending productive time reflecting on the gaps and filling them with help virtually.

7) Family engagement :

Build a connection with the families of your employees to assure them of the safety and precautionary measures taken, earn their trust and confidence in your business.

8) Restore confidence :

Communicate on the post-pandemic business strategy to maintain focus on a positive market recovery.

9) Building collaboration and comradery :

Share stories of inspiration, create moments of appreciation and showcase the talent of your employees virtually – all with the objective of building a culture of appreciation and camaraderie at work.

10) Celebrate Festivities and special days remotely :

There are several WHO themed celebratory days each month that is celebrated worldwide. Use this time to throw light on sustainability, climate change, health and wellness during this time.

It is important to be humane in the use of technology to ensure employees are engaged and emerge stronger, smarter and swifter post this global pandemic. There is so much that digital can offer given its reach, affordability, and innovations in engagement. Leverage this time to connect with your teams, offer learning and development solutions, communicate consistently and build a bond that strengthens at the end of this crisis.

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One Response

  1. Hi admin. I am glad to interact with you on this platform.
    I am from Nigeria and COVID-19 pandemic is nothing to say about due to the fact that many countries around the world are battling the novel virus. Nigeria as well all efforts has been put to a place to contain the virus. Especially social distancing is strictly observe in most of our states ,some epi centres of the pandemic are in total lockdown.
    Media houses and religious body did well in sensitizing the nation on the dangers of the pandemic and the results we are witnessing is quite remarkable. Even though the confirmed cases are increasing but still it’s not up to community transmission.
    Presently we have a total confirmed cases of over 10,000 with 270 fatalities. The number of discharged are 1000 plus.

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